Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wax Melting with Essential Oils

It has been quite the week. While on a weekend away, our family caught the nefarious stomach bug. For the past week, we have been passing it around. Though today is the first day of Spring, the weather does not agree, so we are not able to air out the house like we would wish to do. I can almost feel the germs floating in the air. Or maybe it is the smell from all the sickness. Whatever it is, I need to freshen up this house and have little energy to do so.

Enter, beeswax granules and essential oils. Quick and simple to make a toxin-free air freshener for our home.

I already had a tart warmer, one that you heat with a tea light candle. Beeswax tea lights can be purchased online. I added 2 tablespoons of beeswax granules to the tart dish and then added a few drops of essential oils. I added 10 drops of eucalyptus, 10 drops of rosemary, 10 drops of tea tree and 5 drops of peppermint. Within minutes, the clean scent was filling the house.

I added the ingredients directly to the tart warming dish.
The wax began to melt almost immediately.

I was so excited about this, but nervous with having an open flame with the kidlets around. We had the talk about not getting close to the candle, not blowing out the candle and NOT putting toys on the candle. (Ahem. Yes, that last part was most definitely necessary since that was already tried.) I still do not trust them with a candle burning. So, I will use the candle burner when they are in bed.
Plug-in wax warmer

I went on Amazon and found a bunch of cute plug-in wax warmers. These are like night lights and heat the wax and oils with a light bulb. Much safer around my little ones. I ordered two of them to be sent by two-day shipping (I love the Prime membership!). They arrived today.

When the heat source is turned off, the wax becomes solid again very quickly.

My house is smelling so much better already!

What essential oils would you add to make your house smell better? There are so many to choose from!

The wax returns to a solid state quickly.

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