Thursday, February 6, 2014

Simple Homemade Valentine's Cards

Valentine's Day is coming up and I am not much of a celebrator. Birthdays are not a big deal for me. Christmas is nice, but I do not go crazy decorating or anything. In fact, I had someone decorate for me this year -- it was great! From there, my enthusiasm for holidays and special days only diminishes. So, Valentine's is not a big thing for me.

Even though I am not into celebrating, I want to make memories for my boys and also spread the love to those around us. The boys are now old enough to help make art projects and cards to send to their grandparents and their first mom, so it is more fun.

This card took minimal prep from me. The boys could put it together themselves with a little supervision (mostly so they would not eat the glue sticks). The card I chose to show here is one that I "supervised" on a little more than the others. The other cards were a little less "organized" than this one.

Scholar wanted that bottom right heart to be placed just like that.

To make this card we used red, pink and purple construction paper.
I used a large and a small heart shaped cookie cutter as stencils and pre-cut heart shapes out of the pink paper.
I cut the red paper into rectangles of various sizes.
The boys used glue sticks to glue the shapes on.

I folded the purple paper in half to make a card, then the boys glued a large red rectangle on the front. After that, they glued various pink hearts on the front. On the hearts I wrote "Happy Valentine's Day!"

On the inside of the card we repeated the process, gluing rectangles onto the purple paper and then placing hearts on top. I wrote our names on the hearts inside.

Very simple, but handmade by the boys, so very special to those who receive them.

What special things do you do for Valentine's Day? Leave a comment so we can get more ideas for Valentine's projects or traditions.

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