Sunday, December 29, 2013

Save Memories...Simply: A no-fuss way to preserve this coming year's memories

I would love to journal all the funny, interesting and smart things my kids do. Even the naughty things have their place in being remembered. Because in ten years -- Ok, who am I kidding? Next week I will not remember them, let alone in ten years. These days are such a blur with all that goes into raising two very busy little boys. And for that reason, I have no time to journal.

The thought of sitting down, pulling out a nicely bound journal and writing in it every day is only a dream for me. The truth is, in reality, the thought of even finding the journal -- Which drawer did I put it in? Who moved my journal?! Why are all the pages stuck together? -- and a suitable pen -- This pen does not have ink. Someone chewed the end off this one. WHERE IS A PEN?!?! -- well, the thought is a bit overwhelming.

I like to keep things simple. I have no time or energy for complex. Saving my memories of the boys in these days is very important to me, but I simply do not have the time to sit down and journal about it. I take a lot of pictures and post some of them on Tumblr. That is about as much journaling as I can muster. Yet, there are memories and things that happen that I would rather not share with the entire world. They are for me to remember and share with the boys when they are older. And their girlfriends. And their kids. Oh, yeah. I will enjoy doing that!

My simple solution -- A Memory Calendar.

Last Christmas I was all ambitious and made calendars for family members with pictures of the boys. While I was at it, I made a calendar for myself and also for my husband's cubicle at work (the same calendar, just had two made). I took pictures from each month of the previous year and made a collage for the months of the coming year. The pictures on the page for September 2013 were taken in September 2012 and so forth. It was fun to remember the previous year through pictures every month. We could see how much the boys had grown over the past year.

I got a set of colored pens. I designated one color for each of the boys and a third color I used for family memories. I clipped a small bag onto the bottom of the calendar and put the pens in the bag. The calendar hangs in the kitchen, up out of the boys' reach (well, until they figured out to push a chair over and climb up there). Whenever something worth noting happens, all I have to do is walk over to the calendar, pull out the appropriate pen and write the memory in the square for that day. So simple! I do not have to hunt for a journal and a pen or find ten quiet minutes to sit down and write out what has happened. I simply jot down the memory in one or two sentences and go on with my life. Usually rushing to prevent some sort of disaster that is about to take place.

I like to keep things simple. Journaling is a great idea and I am sure it is rewarding for those who have the time and energy to do so. But for those of us who feel a bit overwhelmed at the thought, a Memory Calendar is a great solution.

If you want to record your family memories but have very little time or energy for doing so, pick up a pretty calendar and a set of colored pens on your next trip to the store. You will be able to quickly and easily write down the things you want to remember without feeling stressed about it. And that is definitely a good thing!

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