Saturday, December 7, 2013

Kids' Handmade Christmas Decoration or Card

Handprint Christmas Wreath
Need a quick and easy idea for a last minute Christmas gift or card? A truly HANDmade wreath will brighten up the holidays for a friend, family member or teacher.

My boys loved having their hands and feet traced for this project. The Explorer could hardly keep still because it tickled! The Scholar was interested in watching how I traced each hand and foot.

We had fun tracing and then I did the remainder of the project on my own since they are still a bit young for this type of thing. Older children would enjoy helping to put the pieces together to make this cute wreath.

You will need:
Card stock (optional)
Construction paper (red and green)
Your child's hands and feet

Handprints and footprints

Trace your child's hands and feet onto card stock or directly onto the construction paper and cut out.

You will need at least 8 handprints on green paper (4 of each hand or use the same hand for all 8) and 2 footprints on red paper. I traced one of each hand and foot onto card stock, cut them out and then used those to trace onto construction paper. I was able to fold the construction paper and cut out several prints at a time. An older child may enjoy tracing their own hands and feet multiple times.

The handprints form the wreath

Glue handprints together in a circle.

I found it worked best to turn the handprints so that the thumbs were pointing inward, but they can be arranged in any way that looks best to you.

The footprints are ribbons

Add footprints as ribbons.

Glue the footprints together at the heels and then glue the "ribbons" onto the bottom of the wreath.

Bow cut out from red paper

Draw a bow shape, cut it out and glue onto the ribbons.

On red construction paper, draw the shape of a bow and cut it out. I did this one freehand, but you can do a Google search for "bow clipart" and get some simple bow shapes to print and trace. You could even print one of the clipart bows and use it instead of making your own.

Glue the bow shape on the ribbons.

Finishing touches on bow and ribbons

Add finishing touches.

I traced around the edges of the ribbons and bow with a dark crayon and added some finishing touches to the bow. 

You could place a picture of your child in the middle of the wreath if you wanted to.

Get creative and decorate the wreath! I am going to leave it plain, but I am sure it would be very cute with additional holiday decorations or even (shiver) glitter. Glitter and I do not get along. Perhaps it was my years as a preschool teacher, but I have sworn off glitter. Though it would definitely add a nice sparkle to this holiday wreath.

Most importantly, do not forget to have fun with the kids while you make your wreath!

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