Thursday, May 16, 2013

Places You May Find Stickers with Toddlers in the House

The Twin Tornados are into stickers right now. I mean REALLY into stickers. Everyday they need their sticker fix, whether it be fire truck stickers, star stickers, cars, boats, you name it. If it can stick, they want it.

Since stickers are one of the less worrisome things they could be doing - ok, the goo that gets stuck on some surfaces is annoying, but it could be worse - I happily allow them to stick away as much as they want. The end result is that I sometimes find stickers in random places and not in the preferred sticker spots - their shirts or a piece of paper are my choices for stickers.

As I noticed stickers in different places around the house, I thought it would be fun to photo document all the places I found them. So, for your enjoyment, here they are, in no particular order...

On the windowsill in the kitchen

On the couch in the living room

On the vacuum

Inside my back pants' pocket -
I have NO idea how it got there!

On Explorer's face -
He put it there himself

On the nursery floor

On the inside of the craft drawer

On my sleeve -
This one must have transferred from some other random place.

On the carpet in the living room

On the kitchen table

On a toy ox -
Why do we have a toy ox?

On the toy shelf, by the tiger flashlight

On Scholar's cheeks -
He very carefully places the stickers so that they are in the exact right spot. It's so cute to watch!

On Scholar's sock -
One time, Daddy stepped on a sticker and it stuck to his shoe, so it is now THE THING to have a sticker on your foot. How cool is it to be just like Daddy?

On the activity bags that we take with us to restaurants (which, of course, have a healthy supply of stickers inside)

On Explorer's knee
On the steps

On the trike

In the potted plant

On the camera -
This one is a huge source of enjoyment for the boys each time I use my camera. They both shout, "Stop sign!"

On the kitchen floor
On the chair in the living room

On the kitchen counter

On the windowsill in the living room

On the kitchen cabinet

What are some random places you've found stickers in your house?
Leave a comment below telling us where you find stickers from your kids.

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