Monday, April 22, 2013

Something Big

I've always wanted to be part of something big. I've had a desire for as long as I can remember to change the world. Maybe you know what I mean. Perhaps you have felt it, too.

I was going to do great things. I had ideas and dreams. Then life happened. Now I'm a mom who can barely keep up with the kids and certainly can't keep up with all the responsibilities of the household while trying to manage said kids. Perhaps you are feeling that, too.

I felt like all my ideas and dreams of changing the world had been lost.

And then it occurred to me... I AM doing great things. In the little, everyday things that I do, there is greatness. Some days that greatness is in a project I do with the kids, or a special lunch that I make for them. Other days, the greatness is in getting up and getting the kids breakfast, lunch and -- well, keeping them in one piece until their dad can get home and get them dinner. There are even some days in which the greatness is in acknowledging that I need a break for the well-being of our family. Every little thing that I do changes the world for me and my family. It may only be a tiny, seemingly insignificant act, but that small act, added to other small acts, becomes something big. Like tiny drops of water all coming together to form a puddle, a pond, a lake, an ocean -- my small acts become something big. I may only be able to give one small drop each day, but those drops, added together over a lifetime, can change the world.

I am not a super-mom. I wish I were, but I'm not. I don't do half the things I see other moms doing on the internet or across the street. Sometimes I'm just happy I made it through the day without losing one of the kids. But that in itself is something big!

My goal with this blog is to encourage other women, especially moms, to see the greatness in the little everyday things that they do. Instead of comparing ourselves to all the others who seem to have it together, or judging each other for not being enough, or being too much, or doing things differently, I want women to come together and encourage each other in the little things that lead to big things. I want to celebrate each little thing that we do as mothers and wives to change the world for our families.

My hope is that my future posts will encourage wives and moms. I want to share the little things that I do in my family to change the world in order to help encourage you to continue changing the world in your little everyday ways. When we realize that those "little" things aren't so little, we will see that we are doing something great.

Please join with me in celebrating all the little things we, as moms and wives, do for our families each day!

My reasons for doing the little things.


An Urban Mom said...

What a great article. :)
Of course you are doing great things! And not only with your beautiful boys, but for a whole host of other kids too. I have two kind, well-mannered 8 year olds to prove it.

Erin said...

True words! And remember that people post their "best" and ideals on the internet...they don't necessarily spend every single minute doing great, amazing things with their family! And I'm looking at you thinking, oh look how purposeful she is in activities with the boys. She is so good! :)